Siete Villas, Granada´s breadbasket” is an Ethnographic Project as a result of the work of the Delegation of Culture and Historical and Democratic Memory of the Delegation of Granada and the Town halls of Colomera, Guadahortuna, Íllora, Iznalloz, Moclín, Montefrío and Montejicar.

The goal pursued with this initiative is to encourage measures that help to preserve and spread the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Province.

These seven municipalities, that were once the border of the Nasrid kingdom and later larder of the city of Granada, are an excellent geographical and cultural framework to penetrate into the Agrarian Patrimony of the Region.

Yuntas eras Moclín

Besides the traditional features of Heritage, Agricultural Heritage includes a set of goods and manifestations of a cultural and natural character (both material and immaterial) generated by agricultural activity which need to be recognized, respected, recovered, protected and valued.

This project joins the current trend focused on identifying, promoting and spreading the values of Agricultural Heritage, and does so throughout one of its best known fundamentals: the ERA (threshing floor), in its double role as a work space and a place with an important social dimension, understandable in its most immediate context and also within the landscape and the territory where it is culturally projected.

Siete Villas de GranadaDiputación de Granada

Un proyecto de Grupo Axfito